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Our technology at the service of our partner

OEM follows every step of the manufacturing of single products or entire lines of equipments customized for companies or Franchising Companies that want to promote their own line of equipment in domestic and international markets.

Tramadol For Dogs Order Online - Online Drugstore Tramadol

A company that wants to develop its own line of customized equipment has great advantages:

  • A Team that is always ready to help. EME follows the requirements of the company offering a team of professionals that follows the different development steps in their aspects.
  • Investments and promotion are oriented to the brand, and thus to the company, getting rid of commercial policies imposed or suggested by the supplier. Every product sold will contribute to enrich the company, not only in economic terms, but also for the image of the company. Every sold product will contribute to the increase in the brand value.
  • Fixed costs for development and marketing of products, which are tested and certified.
  • Price policy is free from any obligation imposed by third parties.
  • The distribution network can be organized without any territorial limitation by introducing agents, resellers and distributors in domestic and international market areas.

EME is your Partner reliable!

Who relies on the experience acquired by EME in these 30 years of activity is sure to launch into the market technically and qualitatively cutting-edge technologies.
The line of products by EME is extremely versatile and customizable in order to meet any specific requirement, intervening on the operating software or hardware, so as it is able to produce the instrument that our customers desires.


We offer a complete package of services:

  • Commercial trainings on the correct utilization of the equipments, focusing on the points that make us better than our competitors.
  • Technical training, dedicated to the customer care service, in order to fix immediately any possible problems.
  • Customized operating and service manuals with your Brand
  • Commercial documentation attached to every equipment
  • Scientific consulting
  • Assistance for graphic and communication services
  • Transfer of CE certification and CE medical certification, creating technical files for medical devices, support for OEM or OBL contracts
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