In 2020 EME acquired rights over the production and distribution of the Koala nTK nanoTechnology: an absolute innovation in the field of indoor air sanitization.

The nTK is the result of over 30 years of study, scientific research and collaboration with worlwide Research Institutes, Universities and Foundations by D.A.Tech and its multidisciplinary team of specialists. After the results obtained in decades of preliminary instrumental and clinical tests and thanks to very high level references D.A.Tech team is proud to announce to have reached a technologic evolution that is effective and unrivaled.

Koala nanoTechnology purify and sanitize indoor air through a patented multiple filtering system that is effective against:

  • nanoparticles
  • organic pollutants (such as virus, bacteria, allergens, fungi and moulds)

The nTK filters trap and inactivate virus and bacteria,improving the quality of the air.