More than 30 years
of experience

… looking for talents!

There are companies that invest on technologies, or in production processes, or in the integration of new talents; and there also companies that invest on all of these three aspects.

The EME Academy project involves talented, brilliant and prepared boys and girls, introduced in a dynamic and stimulating environment that allows them to keep growing up and developing new competencies.
We give them the possibility to prove their talent by actively involving them in stimulating projects, with the support of a work team made up of brilliant and enthusiastic people.

Our objective is to create a perfect synergy between the individual aspirations of newly graduated students from high school and university and the company’s commercial needs, aiming at an operational excellence, the achievement of the objectives and the constant development of new competencies.

For this reason, we cooperate with the Universities of Urbino, Bologna, Ancona and with many High Schools.

EME Academy’s objective is clear: Give importance to talented young people of our territory.


EME srl has won the “Value Work” promoted by Regione Marche, Marche for good entrepreneurship and the ability to develop and put in new talent company that supported by the company staff, have been able to develop business skills by following the various research projects.