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Our technology

A complete and versatile technology at the service of the most demanding requests in rehabilitation and functional recovery.

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    Robotic technology

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    Effective, fluid and punctual

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    High precision

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    Monitoring, evaluation and storage of all activities

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    Connected in the cloud

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    Control 1000 times per second of force, speed and position

Our targets

6 modes of movement

Simple and intuitive software

Cloud system

  • Continuous Passive Motion

    The machine generates movement at constant speed, the patient does not have to generate force. Used in the initial stages of rehabilitation to maintain joint mobility, for example after surgery or in patients who do not have the ability to muscle contraction, such as in cases of paraplegia, in order to exercise joint mobility.

  • Continuous Active Motion

    The machine generates motion at a constant speed, the patient must generate force by pushing as the ROM increases, resisting while the ROM decreases. Useful during the first rehabilitation phase or for people with low mobility to start generating a muscle contraction, both concentric and eccentric, while working on the joint mode, with the possibility of choosing to use the desired force.

  • Isometric

    Muscle contraction occurs in certain ROM positions, but without movement. Used when it is necessary to start increasing muscle contraction without dynamically involving the joint, for example to avoid joint-demanding ROM angles.

  • Isotonic

    Working mode with constant resistant load. Used when moving towards full recovery of joint strength and mobility. Unlike other devices on the market, Mo-Vit TLM allows you to define different loads in the concentric and eccentric phase of muscle contraction.

  • Auxotonic

    Work mode with progressive load. Useful to provide load in the final part of the distension. With Mo-Vit TLM it is possible to vary the progressivity of the load so as to choose the best one to achieve the set objectives.

  • Isokinetic

    Working mode at constant speed. A type of work that allows you to express maximum strength. It is used to improve maximal muscle performances.

  • Motivating interface

    The software guides the user in all phases of work through a biofeedback system that marks the achievement of objectives step by step.

  • Multiple Protocols

    It is possible to create hyper-customized protocols thanks to the multiple settable parameters. Each program can be studied ad hoc for the patient and his needs, using one or more working modes and one or more devices in multiple protocols.

  • One Touch Login

    At each session it will be sufficient for the patient to bring his RFID close to the display and the software will automatically load the specific work protocol.

  • Cloud

    All data is stored in the patient file and shared in the Cloud in order to be accessible from PCs, tablets and smartphones. The reports allow you to view the results achieved, study any improvement and keep every detail under control for 100% accurate evaluations.

  • Always in step

    All devices are equipped with a WI-FI connection that allows you to create patient records in the Cloud, set up protocols and assign them to the patient’s RFID quickly and easily. The connection also allows you to receive remote assistance and updates.


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Our testimonial


I am happy to have as Partnership a completely MADE IN ITALY company like EME - Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation. We work to improve and we improve to work! At the Mvruncycle Center, in addition to training and preparing, various pathologies that primarily concern knees and back are also treated thanks to this innovative methodology by EME ITALY

Maurizio Vanotti proprietario del Centro Mvruncycle

The patient walks again!

Watch the video testimonial

Raffaella Campanelli

When I saw this machine I saw an ideal solution for the service we offer here at Fisioradi Medical Center. The device allows you to work from the initial part of the rehabilitation to the final part of the muscle strengthening.

Maurizio Radi, Titolare Fisioradi Medical Center

We can say that both my patients and I are very happy with the machine and we are able to use it on many patients and at 360 degrees on all pathologies

Mattia Baldini – Fisioradi Medical Center

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