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Have you ever heard of healthy aging?

  • autorEME Italy
  • data24 Aug 2023

According to an article published on UN Italy “In 2100, 61% of the world population will be represented by people over 65, with an over 60 population that will reach one and a half billion by 2050”

We give you other data relating to Europe where they were recorded: 5.4 million trauma hospitalizations in one year for costs equal to 80 billion euros, 650 thousand cases of stroke every year and 20 billion euros in costs that weigh on the system national health care and 30 billion on families. A total of 27 million people over 80 years old.

With the lengthening of life spam, and the data in continuous growth, we have realized that the world of physiotherapy and rehabilitation will find itself responding to different needs, for this reason we invite all professionals in the sector to focus their attention on improving quality of life in old age, promoting healthy ageing!

This would allow this segment of the population to continue to be independent, healthy and certainly happier psychologically and at the same time would ease the pressure on families and the health system.

Eme has always had everyone’s health and well-being at heart and for this reason she has gone further, looking to the future and to prevention. We have identified movement as a source of life and with our devices we want to exploit the potential of movement to improve people’s lives.

Our answer to these new needs is the Motus Vitae circuit, made up of Mo-Vit TLM, Mo-Vit AL, Mo-Vit SL, Mo-Vit CR and Mo-Vit FLR.

These robotic technologies allow functional recovery following traumas and diseases and to counteract the functional loss that occurs with age!

These are cutting-edge devices that have visible advantages both for the older age group and for the operator himself. The machines are very stable, equipped with an extremely comfortable seat and there is less risk of falls and traumas, for the patients, during the execution of the exercises, as they are assisted.

At the same time, the circuit devices all work autonomously, therefore, the professional will only have to preset the work protocol and the user will be able to carry out the activity comfortably on his own. This is possible thanks to integrated robotic technology, with interactive feedback at each step and online results monitoring. All data is stored in the patient file and shared in the Cloud, so as to be accessible from PCs, tablets and smartphones.

The Motus Vitae circuit represents a real turning point in functional rehabilitation and has a system that exploits 6 types of movement, to improve life at 360 degrees.