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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a modular technology and a combined one?

  • autorEME Italy
  • data24 Aug 2023

Don’t worry if by chance you have any doubts we will solve it for you!

The combined devices allow you to have different technologies in a single container, however don’t forget that, once chosen, they can no longer be changed and you have no possibility of adding new ones after the purchase.

Let us now explain to you what EME means by a modular device. Like the combined, here too we have the possibility of having various technologies in a single machine, but here’s the advantage: with the modular we allow you to have an always up-to-date technology, to remove and insert the modules when you wish or to buy the modules in a second moment.

If you’re thinking of expanding your treatment package and you’re undecided on which technology to focus on, Polyter Evo is the device for you!

Polyter evo, is the first MODULAR AND PORTABLE device in the world, it is a “live” device as you can configure it according to your professional and economic needs, at any time, in complete autonomy. You can choose from all these technologies: TECAR – LASER HPLS – LASER LLLT – ELECTROTHERAPY – MAGNETOTHERAPY – ULTRASOUND

These are some of the many advantages:

VERSATILITY, we give you the possibility to insert up to 4 technologies, among the most used and cutting-edge on the market, Polyter Evo allows you to treat many pathologies.

PROFITABILITY as you will not only be able to treat the most varied pathologies, but also to expand your customer base. You will be able to work in the studio and/or move comfortably from one location to another.

EFFICIENCY. Once the base has been purchased, it is also possible to add just one module at a time, expanding the technology park according to your needs, optimizing and better organizing the investments to be made.

In short, it’s just like having your physiotherapy studio always with you! In addition to its modularity, Polyter Evo is easily transportable and equipped with a battery, it is perfect for sports therapies on the field and at the same time also ideal for centers which, for reasons of space and practicality, prefer combined devices or for those that have more workstations, adaptable to any type!

When asked modular or combined, the answer for us is simple: choose Polyter Evo!