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Rigenera 3: proven efficacy

Rigenera 3 is the result of careful experimental work and today represents the achievement of an important goal: to eff ectively combine multiple aesthetic technologies in a single device. The profuse heat of the radiofrequency, directed by TPE Control System in a targeted and electronically controlled area, stimulates the synthesis of new collagen thus allowing a deep cell renewal. The vacuum massage (vacuum pressure) practices a slight “suction” of the skin tissue that reactivates the microcirculation. Photobiostimodulation, due to the power of the LED light, stimulates cell metabolism. The softlaser stimulates microcirculation with signifi cant improvement on the capillaries of the face and body.

Guaranteed results on face and body

Rigenera 3 treats cellulite, reshapes the body, reactivates the tissue metabolism, tones the tissues fi ghting skin laxity and gives a lifting eff ect to the face and décolleté from the fi rst session.

Indicated for:


• Cellulite
• Body remodeling
• Reactivation of cellular metabolism
• Tissue toning
• Skin laxity
• Stretch marks
• Water retention


• Wedge rejuvenation of the face and décolleté
• Anti-aging, wrinkles
• Acne
• Asphyxiated skin

Technical Specifications

  • Radiofrequency multipolar
  • RF output frequency 455 KHz
  • Vacuum pulsed/continuos
  • Red LED wavelength 633 mn
  • laser wavelength 905 nm
  • Treatment area face/body
  • Preset protocols 6
  • Storable protocols use memory
  • Outputs 2
  • Display 10.1" color touch screen
  • Dimensions (L X W X H) 63 x 39 x 111 cm
  • Weight 25
  • Power supply 230 Vac
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    The testimonial nostra


    We are very happy to see this business, serious, available and with competent and professional staff. Our clients are happy with the raggiunti results.

    ALEXE estetica Tortoreto

    When I bought Epil Evo, the new machine from EME solved all my problems with Laser epilation ma, so, my clients who are so dissatisfied with the rice treatments. EPIL EVO, not only is gradevole in sight with its modern and refined aesthetics and the beautiful display of I know, all'interno dei miei locali, but it also has a light handle that does not facilitate use, a very large raggio di azione, that my consent to impiegare less time in the treatment, is a magnificent relaxation, that I consent to all the clients not to feel bothered or pizzichi, always rhyming rilassate.
    Its software evolved from the latest generation with my constant consent, it will treat a wide range of skin phototypes and film colors and will memorize all and data of my internal clients. The company EME is one of the migliori realtà of the international level sector, endowed with a high know-how. His staff is always professional, but also affable and cordial, with Mr. Viviano Crudelini always ready to follow you, if in the current phase of technical learning, who are in current management.

    Skin Studio estetica avanzata

    Ho acquistato da EME il laser diode e l'onda d'urto. L'ho scelta perché è un'azienda sicura e certificata nelle tecnologia che produces, the formation comes from qualified personnel and is always present for whatever need.

    Cocorouge Estetica e benessere

    We collaborate with the company EME for almost 2 years. Always courteous and available for problem solving. Macchine eccezionali, clienti soddisfatti, risultati veramente soddisfacenti!

    Dott.Giuseppe Falciani nutrizionista

    If you know bodybuilding and waxing, they go to braccetto. Of the rest, i muscoli si devono showre! Inoltre, the carpet impedes all the cream from penetrating and hydrating. If there are seven dispositions to rise to commitments in terms of benefits and security allora EME è ciò che fa per voi. Also Aldo Nappa champion AiNBB 2017 has made EME.

    Palestra Fit-losophy

    When he talks about fare he sews for good devi rivolgerti ad aziende serie and Made Italy come Eme.
    Qualità efficacia delle tecnologie, seriousness and professionalism of the staff of the business and guaranteed assistance. Noi super happy!

    Harmony estetica

    Ho acquistato il macchinario da circa un anno ed Eme ha superato tutte le mie aspettative. The product is absolutely reliable, but for any event I provide a timely and competent assistance service, which represents a true and proper point of strength of the business.

    Mama Beauty & Relax

    Sono più di due anni che ho acquistato Epilevo e successivamente Rigenera 3.
    Ringrazio is infinitely available for availability and professionalism.
    Other than training I saw also a great availability and telephone assistance.


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