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Electrotherapy – Combimed 4000 – C01326

Electrotherapy exploits biological effects from electrical energy for therapeutic purposes and it is mainly used for:

• Training of the neuromuscular system
• Modulation of pain
• Control or reduction of spasticity
• Transdermal release of medicinal substances
• Improvement or maintenance of joint mobility
• Promotion of wound healing
• Resolution of the edema

Laser LLLT – Combimed 2200 – C01325

Laser therapy is based on photochemical and photobiological effects in cells and tissues. Laser light stimulates the mitochondria of the cell, recharging it with energy and regerating it in the
case of traumatic situations.

• Anti-inflammatory effect
• Effects on the peripheral nervous system (antalgic and regenerative effect)
• Biostimulating effect and tissue regeneration
• Effect on microcirculation and on blood vessels: the laser improves local microcirculation giviing relief from local spasms of the arteriolar and venular vessels
• Enzymatic photoactivation effect



The application of ultrasound results in a high-frequency cellular and intercellular massage action. Also the tissues irradiated with ultrasound enter into vibration, the result is an expenditure of energy with consequent production of heat. It also occurs the cavitation phenomenon that activates the oxidation and polymerization processes. Ultrasounds are mainly used for pain reduction.
The combined treatment, electrotherapy + ultrasound, adds the analgesic and hyperemic effect of the electrical stimulus to the mechanical and thermal effect of ultrasound.


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