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High power

The high power laser is a very appreciated technology thanks to the excellent results that could be reached in a very short application time. The EME high power lasers of EME, thanks
to the high power (from 8 W to 25 W), real and guaranteed by using a single diode, allow a high and deep energetic transfer, and consequently a substantial reduction in time of treatment.

Therapeutic effects

  • 1

    Biostimulating and regenerativeeffect
    It facilitates cellular energy processes, growth and tissue repair. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and the production of ATP.

  • 2

    Analgesic effect
    It stimulates the peripheral nervous system and the nociceptors in the subcutaneous tissue, blocking pain and giving immediate relief (Gate Control Theory).

  • 3

    Anti-inflammatory and antiedema effect
    It accelerates the resolution of inflammation by increasing vasodilation with consequent tissue oxygenation and activation of metabolic processes.

  • 4

    Effect on the microcirculation
    It has an intense vasoactive action on the microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. The activation of the microcirculation facilitates the supply of oxygen, nutrients and drainage of catabolites from the tissues.

Technical Specifications

  • Wavelenght 980 nm
  • Peak power in continuous mode 8 W
  • Source type diodo
  • Duty Cycle 10 - 100%
  • Emission continuous and pulsed
  • Emission frequency 100 - 10000 Hz
  • Adjustable treatment time up to 99 minutes
  • Stored protocols yes
  • Storable protocols 200 + USB
  • Display colour touch screen 5.7”
  • Dimensions - Weight 39 x 17,5 x 28 c m - 5 kg
  • Defocused laser probe with optical fibre, integrated with the equipment 1
  • Laser protective goggles 2
  • Pedal 1
  • Interlock 1
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    I chose EME because it is an Italian company in constant evolution at the service of healthcare professionals. Furthermore, the excellent relationship of trust with the local salesman, Giuseppe Abbiati, left no doubts

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    When I saw this machine I saw an ideal solution for what we do, because it goes from the initial part of the rehabilitation to the final part of the muscle strengthening.
    We can say that both my operators and I are very happy with the machine and we are able to use it on many patients and at 360 degrees on all pathologies

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