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Mo-Vit TLM
(Total Leg)

It was designed to mobilize, recover and develop the motor system of the lower limbs.

Unlike other rehabilitation devices, it allows you to work in a closed kinetic chain.

  • 1

    Concentric speed from 5 mm/sec to 1,000 mm/sec
    Eccentric speed from 5 mm/sec to 1,000 mm/sec

  • 2

    Target force from 5kg to 200kg

  • 3

    Target force from 5 Kg to 150 Kg

  • 4

    Target concentric force from 15 kg to 150 kg
    Target eccentric force from 15 kg to 150 kg

  • 5

    Target concentric force from 15 kg to 150 kg
    Target eccentric force from 15 kg to 150 kg

  • 6

    Concentric speed from 50mm/sec to 1.000mm/sec
    Eccentric speed from 50mm/sec to 1.000mm/sec
    Maximum force 150kg

Technical Specifications

  • Managed anthropometric measurements from 145cm to 210cm
  • Maximum user weight 135 Kg
  • Managed strength of the system from 1kg to 150kg
  • Connections Wi-Fi – Lan
  • Display 10”
  • Dimensions 270 cm x 80 cm x H 120 cm
  • Weight 180 kg
  • Compliant 93/42 CEE
  • Power supply 220V | 50Hz
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    I am happy to have as Partnership a completely MADE IN ITALY company like EME - Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation. We work to improve and we improve to work! At the Mvruncycle Center, in addition to training and preparing, various pathologies that primarily concern knees and back are also treated thanks to this innovative methodology by EME ITALY

    Maurizio Vanotti proprietario del Centro Mvruncycle

    The patient walks again!

    Watch the video testimonial

    Raffaella Campanelli

    When I saw this machine I saw an ideal solution for the service we offer here at Fisioradi Medical Center. The device allows you to work from the initial part of the rehabilitation to the final part of the muscle strengthening.

    Maurizio Radi, Titolare Fisioradi Medical Center

    We can say that both my patients and I are very happy with the machine and we are able to use it on many patients and at 360 degrees on all pathologies

    Mattia Baldini – Fisioradi Medical Center

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