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EME fiere ed eventi

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We have been participating in the major fairs of our field for years. Every year, you can find out our news and innovations at:


  • IMCAS in Paris (31st January – 2nd February, 2019) Stand 179
  • ARAB HEALTH in Dubai (28th – 31st January, 2019) Stand R.D50
  • XXXVI Congresso FMSI “Età biologica, età anagrafica” a Rome (27th-29th March 2019) Stand 7
  • XXVIII Isokinetic Medical Group Conference – Football Medicine MEETS THE UNIVERSE OF SPORT at London Wembley Stadium  (27th-29th April 2019) Stand 4
  • Medica in Düsseldorf (18th-21st November 2019) Stand 4K61 


  • Medica in Düsseldorf (16th November 2015)
  • Aestetica in Naples (7th November 2015)
  • Arab Health in Dubai (25th January 2016)
  • Cosmoprof in Bologna (18th March 2016)
  • Dubai Derma in Dubai (12th April 2016)
  • Bel Âge in London (114th May 2016)
  • Exposanità in Bologna (18th May 2016)
  • Fime Show in Miami (2nd August 2016)
  • Medical Fair in Singapore (31th August 2016)
  • Rééduca in Paris (16th September 2016)
  • Beauty & Fitness Show in Catania (15th October 2016)
  • Medica in Düsseldorf (14th November) STAND 4K61
  • Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong (16th November) STAND 3E-E6E
  • Arab Health in Dubai (30th January 2017) STAND R. A39
  • Cosmoprof  in Bologna (17th March 2017) PAD 16 – STAND H10 I9
  • Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong (15th November 2017) STAND 3E-E6E
  • Arab Health in Dubai (29th January-1st February 2018) STAND RA3
  • Medica in Düsseldorf (12nd-15th November 3018)  STAND 4K61
  • Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong (14-16 November 2017)  STAND 3E-E6E


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