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lo and EME share the same values: Italian spirit, body care to boost performance and natural beauty. This is why I am proud to be their testimonial until the Tokyo 2020 Olympics."

Elisa Di Francisca foil players, gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics and silver at Rio 2016

It is always useful to have the tecar with us for a faster recovery and for the treatment of our riders' injuries, in important races such as the Tour de France. With Polyter Evo we are not limited only to the tecar. Thanks to its modularity, we can also use other therapies such as ultrasound and electrotherapy, depending on the races and situations, if a runner falls or if other problems arise. For us, as the BORA-hansgrohe sports medical team, the Polyter Evo is the perfect all-in-one therapy and rehabilitation solution. We can easily take it with us to every race or during training, and thanks to the integrated battery, we can start treating our runners directly in the coach, immediately after crossing the finish line, without the need for an external power supply."

Jan-Niklas Droste BORA team doctor - hansgrohe

For the medical staff of AG2R LA MONDIALE, recovery after effort is a key factor in performance: massage, cold therapy and tecar therapy are used after each race. Furthermore, cycling causes acute trauma in the event of accidents, but also chronic trauma due to muscle hyperstimulation. That is why therapeutic management must involve the use alone or in combination, depending on the problem, of tecar, ultrasound, laser and electrotherapy. We therefore decided to use transportable equipment that includes all these functions in order to be optimally equipped at all times during our trips."

Eric Bouvat medical director of the AG2R LA MONDIALE team

Polyter Evo is a really functional and easy to use device. It's simple to transport and this is important in professional cycling where you travel around the world. Its 3 strengths are: flexibility, versatility and compactness. We mainly use it to treat inflammation, for preparation
pre-competition and to relax muscles before manual therapy."

Geert Beirnaert physiotherapist of the LOTTO SOUDAL team

Big crashes are part of competitions. Fortunately we are well equipped thanks to EME's Polyter Evo which helps our runners to recover optimal physical condition. In my experience, the combination of ultrasound therapy and laser therapy is very effective. It offers our runners not only better, but faster healing as well. It's not just my belief - the riders themselves tell me so. For us, it is an extra job, but considering the positive effects, we dedicate ourselves to this additional therapy with great pleasure."

Jaime Hernández physiotherapist of the KATUSHA ALPECIN team

Physical therapy in cycling has numerous constraints related to the limited time available, the numerous movements and the place of execution of the treatment. Cycling is often the cause of macro-trauma due to falls: the challenge of therapies is therefore to be effective quickly, to allow the runner to start again the next day. Furthermore, the succession of competitions, the limits of the climate and the terrain are a source of repeated micro-traumas, which can generate pathologies of the muscle-tendon system. Field observations, supported by scientific studies in the sector, show the effectiveness of tecar therapy, ultrasound and laser therapy. Having the ability to benefit from all of these technologies in a compact, easy-to-transport case is a valuable service for the medical and paramedical teams of professional cycling teams."

Jacky Maillot Groupama-FDJ team doctor

Professional cycling is very demanding and tiring on the body: therefore, the immediate treatment of minor ailments and optimal regeneration are crucial for the well-being and success of the individual rider. EME's Polyter Evo allows us to use a wide range of medical technologies to treat our runners. Thanks to the modular system, we can choose from six different therapeutic options and we have the possibility to customize it according to our specific needs for each race. The fact that Polyter Evo is available in a compact and handy container and can also be used without electricity is another great advantage, as it allows us to carry out treatments almost anywhere and as often as necessary."

Christopher Edler Dimension Data team doctor

For two seasons, EME's Polyter Evo has been a valuable tool for the entire team. Present on our bus, at every competition, it is particularly useful for carrying out physiotherapy treatments when our athletes are victims of falls or suffer from muscle pathologies. The device combines tecar, ultrasound and electrotherapy. Our runners appreciate being supported by this system and notice a decrease in pain. He is a great ally for our physiotherapists to ensure their recovery so that runners can perform at their best in every competition."

Stéphane Dubuisson Cofidis team doctor

Cycling is an itinerant sport where the spaces and times to treat athletes are increasingly restricted. Polyter Evo is the ideal product because it combines the best physiotherapy instrumental technology with the needs of cycling. The different technologies of Polyter Evo are an excellent aid for the treatment of both traumatic and overuse musculoskeletal pathologies that can affect the cyclist. In addition, Polyter Evo, thanks to the tecar module, assists the masseur's activity, ensuring better post-race recovery."

Andrea Giorgi doctor of the Androni Toys-Sidermec team

As a Federal Doctor of the FCI I can testify how the Polyter Evo multifunction device is a valid support for the activity of the medical-health staff of the national teams.
In the various specialties of a sport such as cycling, in which traumatic type injuries are predominant, this tool allows us to optimize the intervention time to the maximum, since it is possible to act with the tecar in athermia just a few hours after 'injury.
In its two modalities, resistive and capacitive, it allows us to work actively on all types of tissue and at any type of depth, allowing us to be effective even in areas where the therapist's skill alone cannot be sufficient."

Roberto Marciano FCI federal doctor

The most obvious advantages of EME devices certainly reside in their practicality of use and portability. We have different technologies in one modular container and that makes a big difference on long journeys around the world. We are a professional volleyball team and we have to worry about our health and body especially when we play several matches consecutively and compete in the biggest tournaments. Our athletes need to recover as quickly as possible. For this reason, having more technologies available for us means always having the best on every occasion.

Tomasz Pieczko, physiotherapist of the men's national team of the Polish Volleyball Federation"

Tomasz Pieczko physiotherapist of the Men's National Team of the Polish Volleyball Federation

We are really happy to welcome among our technical partners EME, an Italian company that makes continuous research and development its forte. The Polyter Evo device allows us to have an entire physiotherapy center with us: on the sidelines during home games but also abroad thanks to the convenience of transport, like hand luggage. The absolute personalization of the therapeutic programs also allows us to deal with specificity
the individual cases."

Matteo Cavalca head of the Zebre Rugby Club physiotherapy team

“Polyter Evo is a tool that allows us to treat all the pathologies our athletes may run into on a daily basis. For example, in recent days, we have had the opportunity to treat a national team player to intervene on a contracture. The device will also accompany us on our next trips and I'm sure it will make a difference, allowing us to intervene in the field with a complete range of technologies.""

Tiziano Giacobbi physiotherapist of the San Marino Football Federation