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What is radial shock wave?

  • autorEME Italy
  • data24 Aug 2023

Shockwaves are acoustic waves that carry a high amount of energy through the tissues and radiate throughout the body to the painful area.

In ballistic or radial shock wave systems, the shock wave is generated by a special gun-shaped handpiece whose barrel is closed at the end by a metal cap against which it is launched, by means of compressed air from 1 at 5 bar of pressure, a steel bullet. The collision generates a shock wave which, through the metal cap, spreads in an “inverse cone” expanding radially in the treated area.

The mechanism of action of the shock waves and their effectiveness is correlated to two effects: direct effect of the impulse on the tissue in the target area and the indirect effect of “cavitation”, caused by the depression following the impulse, which overcomes the elastic characteristics of the fabric.

The consequence of these two effects is an increase in vascularization in the affected area, due to the stimulation by the impulses on the sympathetic fibers. All this leads to a removal of the inflammatory factors with the release of substances that stimulate the formation of new vessels (capillarization).

shock waves reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process. The body responds to the treatment with an increase in metabolic activity and with the local release of endorphins, helping to reduce inflammation and stimulating and accelerating the healing process. The treatments with these devices are mainly targeted and act for the reduction of pain, reabsorption of edema, acceleration of healing times and recovery of mobility. Generally the treatments are aimed at patients suffering from pathologies such as epicondylitis, calcifications, tendinopathies, muscle spasticity and carpal tunnel syndrome.

For these and other pathologies, we have developed our Shock Med Italdesign. Its new handpiece stands out for its marked ergonomics and functionality. So balanced and practical to offer the double grip mode: on the upper part of the barrel and at the lower end like a pen. The new pneumatic system is able to generate a more intense and effective blow.

Governed by a revolutionary and user friendly software for top level performance.

The effectiveness of the treatment lies in the hands of the physiotherapist and not just the device, which is why we want professionals in the sector to be accompanied by a revolutionary device that is comfortable and at the same time suitable for their needs!