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    Curricular internship

    For young people who are still studying, and who want to carry out curricular internships in the company to approach the world of work or to develop their degree THESIS.

    We give the opportunity to prepare for the world of work with adequate training and to be able to put university studies into practice.

    We collaborate with:
    University of Urbino
    University of Bologna
    University of Ancona

      Post Graduate Internship

      We offer the opportunity to carry out internships at our facility, guaranteeing young graduates concrete and educational experience in the world of work.
      Entering EME with a training project means carrying out an important international professional experience, a unique opportunity to take part in the development in the field of innovative technology dedicated to physiotherapy, aesthetics and aesthetic medicine.

        The EME ACADEMY project

        It involves well-prepared, brilliant and talented boys and girls, placed in a dynamic and stimulating environment in which to continue to grow and develop new skills.

        We give them the opportunity to demonstrate their talent by actively involving them in stimulating projects supported by a work team made up of brilliant and enthusiastic people.

        The objective is to create a perfect synergy between the individual aspirations of high school graduates and recent graduates and the company’s business needs, aimed at operational excellence, the achievement of objectives and the continuous development of skills.

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        Why do we do this?

        We are increasingly aware of the need to introduce new young talents into the company, an expression of the very DNA of our entrepreneurial activity and of the continuous evolution we need.
        Young people are the bearers of change and push the company towards new habits and new visions.

        We believe that collaborations with universities and high schools are the first step in achieving an important goal that we have set ourselves: Valuing talents from our area.

        School-Work Alternation

        We welcome high school students and vocational or technical schools who want to put their studies into practice through an internship during the school year.
        The duration is a few weeks to give everyone the chance not to fall behind with the lessons.
        Touching the world of work from a very young age allows the boy to have more chances to grow up quickly.

        We currently have partnerships with:
        ITIS Urbino
        Pesaro Benelli
        Pesaro Scientific High School